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About Film School

Learn About What We Do.

Don’t Underestimate

Refugee Teenagers!

Our students are young women and men ranging in age from 13-19 hungry to make a difference and a living.


Refugee Film School provides refugee students with video editing, training, and support.


Your donations allow us to provide the students with a skilled instructor, computers, internet access, online programs, and equipment.

In turn, these skills make it possible for these amazing teenagers to have hope for the future and a way to help support their families and put food on the table now.

Guided by our staff and our experienced instructor who is himself a refugee and a professional videographer, our students expand their confidence in their communication abilities using English. They learn professional skills, and gain valuable technical and business experience through their on-the-job training as a part of, and working on, a production team.


We have discovered that learning is a two-way street. We learn from one another by doing professional video editing as a team.


Our clients include songwriters, musicians, professional speakers, business leaders, coaches, and trainers. We also enjoy assisting individuals tailor tribute videos, or create a unique birthday or holiday gift.

The curriculum offers a competency-based 3-year certification program.

As part of our curriculum, our students learn video editing, online graphics, and basic marketing applied through a variety of social media platforms.


Each student also earns a monthly sustainability stipend to cover internet service and computer equipment. They also benefit through learning professional business habits, job skills, and the importance of dependability.

Today the first class of students attends remote classes five days a week. The next class is on a waiting list..


All of the students are offered a sustainability stipend for their family, and work according to their individual skill level.100% of all donations are used to fund the cost of tuition and expenses.

Join us or support us if you want to experience the difference you can make in the world. Although we focus on teaching computer skill, our primary intention is to let love lead. We offer hope, support and skill development on the path to a safe home.

We are Together For Good.

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