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My Skills
Video Editing 
Graphic Design
2d animation 
Whiteboard animation 
Photo Editing 
YouTube  Channel Upgrades

Social Media Specialist
Logos, Avatars 
Zoom Backgrounds  
YouTube Thumbnails
Adobe AfterEffects 
Intros, Outros​
Lyric videos, Slideshows
And I Am
  • 15 Years Old 
  • 8 Years as a Refugee
  • Afghanistan
More About Me
I am a Refugee living in Malaysia for 8 years. My family came to Malaysia because our lives were in danger and to keep us safe. I am Studying in MSRI school, I am in IGCSE, I have been studying in the school for 4 years now, I am good with my grades. My favorite subject is Geography and Math. I can speak 3 languages, Farsi, English, and little Malay. My hobbies are playing soccer and video games.
Matt Man - Animated Video
"Love Wins" - Harold Payne
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