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Mohammad Afzal Saife

My skills
Video Editing for Social Media
Graphic Design
YouTube Thumbnails
2D Animation 
Slideshow/Lyric Video
Whiteboard animation 
YouTube skills
And I Am
  • 16 Years Old 
  • 5 Years as a Refugee
  • Afghanistan 
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More About Me

I am 16 years old and came to Malaysia when I was 10  

We came from Afghanistan to Malaysia to be safe.

I am a IGCSE student at MSRI.


In Refugee film school, I learned new things like editing, which I really enjoy.


I have been editing videos with Robin Thompson for 3 month, For the last month I have been editing videos and promoting a YouTube channel for Dr. Pam Garcy. 

A new mindset to promote ease if you’ve made a mistake
5 Things you don't know about me 
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