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My Skills
Video Editor, Graphic Designer, Web Designer,  2D Animation,
Whiteboard Animation 
And I Am
  • 21 Years Old 
  • 5 Years as a Refugee
  • Afghanistan 
More About Me

My name is Nargis Saife and I'm from Afghanistan,

but I spent most of my childhood in Pakistan.

I'm currently staying in Kuala Lumper, Malaysia, as a Refugee.

I studied until the tenth grade but I couldn't finish my studies once I became a refugee. I'm currently a student in Refugee Film School ( learning video editing ).  I have learned so many things in a short time and now I'm able to use my skills and serve people.  My hobby is drawing and I'm good at cooking.  My favorite food is pasta and my favorite colors are red & light purple. 


Professionally, I have worked in many jobs, such as cashier, shop supervisor, and I'm skilled in the perfume industry.  I have recently learned many new skills, such as content editing, adding subtitles, lyric videos, promotional videos, YouTube thumbnails, Facebook posts, fliers, and more. 

I AM ONE  ( Jana Stanfield ) 
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